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Grimblethorpe Hall



A Compassionate & Sustainable Artisan Butcher

we don’t buy in our meats, we grow everything we sell & prepare fresh for you on site


Our Meat

100% of our meat is reared at Grimblethorpe Hall farm with complete traceability. Our rare breed herds are compassionately farmed on our Pasture for Life, Organic certified farm & even our abattoir is local family run.


Our Butchery

Our onsite butchery is run by head butcher Stuart, producing the very highest quality meat for your table. Full traceability from field to fork is at the core of everything we do.

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Our Farm

Our farm in the middle of the Lincolnshire Wolds is the home of all our rare breed, slow grown herds.

We’re certified Pasture for Life & Organic.