A Warm Welcome Home


In the next couple of weeks we’ll reach a major milestone in our plans for Grimblethorpe Hall when we welcome the remainder of our Lincoln Red herd on to the farm from their ‘temporary’ home in North Yorkshire. Since Nicola & Andy purchased the farm in 2016 their vision has been of traditional Lincolnshire farming with local breeds living on a sustainable, ethical farm.

Their herd of original population Lincoln Red cattle have always been at the very centre of their plans and now that the farm is certified organic and the pigs & cattle Pasture for Life certified it’s time to fulfil this part of the vision.

From January 2019 Grimblethorpe Hall will be the permanent home to between 40 & 50 head of original population Lincoln Reds, all living pasture for life on an organic farm, a proper and important welcome home to the Lincolnshire Wolds.

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The Lincoln Red has ancient origins, one of the oldest of the UK’s native beef breeds, their ancestors probably arriving with Viking invaders of Britain. Remaining on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s Danger List 2018 the original population herd at Grimblethorpe Hall will help to maintain the breed and promote the survival of rare breeds, especially those native to Lincolnshire.

Expansion of the herd at Grimblethorpe has been no simple undertaking. As well as organic & pasture for life taking several years of transition, audit and certification the logistics have included adding new pasture and erecting several kilometres of fencing to create new paddocks.

We’re all looking forward at the farm to welcoming our new arrivals into their new organic & pasture for life environment. All our offspring from 2019 onwards will not only have Lincolnshire birth certificates again but will also be certified organic for their whole lives.

We’ll also be increasing, managing and looking after our flock of Lincoln Longwood sheep and Tamworth & Large Black pigs.

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