Celebrating Spring at Grimblethorpe


Spring is always a busy time on the farm and this year is no exception. After last year’s very wet start to the year, late wintery spell and ‘the beast from the east’ the weather has certainly been kinder to us but the farm is now alive to the sounds of new arrivals!

Our new Lincoln Red calf is enjoying the new spring grass in our pastures, the lambs are growing fast, and our first two litter of piglets for 2019 are keeping their mum very busy.

Spring is always a time of renewal & re-awakening across the farm and the signs started early this year, from buds appearing on the trees within our woodland, walming soil turning our pastures a fresh green for the cattle to graze on and the sound of skylarks above the chalk stream valley.
The new hedgerows we planted late last year are coming to life and will soon be providing a valuable habitat for wildlife across the farm.


Having brought the remainder of our herd of rare breed Lincoln Red Cattle (see here) to the farm in the autumn the milder spring this year has certainly helped us to ensure they settle into their new home and the new new pastures we’ve opened up for them are lush & healthy.
Throughout last year’s wet start & subsequent dry summer our focus was on healthy, strong pasture as this is what our cattle exclusively feed upon. We are Pasture for Life accredited which means our cattle only feed upon grass land pastures, including last years grass bailed for them to feed on over the winter.


Our chalk stream valley location meant that even through the driest weeks of last year’s drought the natural groundwater maintained healthy growth across our pastures.

Of course, this great weather has another effect across the farm, it makes everyone happy, particularly our pigs! Whilst our Tamworths love a good wallow in mud they also can’t resist a spot of sun-bathing whilst our Large Blacks are happy to engage their natural sun-visor ears to very good effect!

Here’s to warmer & longer days, healthy organic pastures and happy, pasture for life animals - obviously we need plenty of those April showers to keep things nourished but we’ll be happy for them come overnight!

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