The Humble Bar Code at the Heart of All We Do

To you it’s probably just a humble bar code (actually it’s a QR code or Quick Response Code to be technically correct) but to us it’s the heart of everything we do!


The bar code you see on ALL our meat products means 100% traceability - from our farm in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds direct to your plate, as simple as that!

Printing the bar code and attaching it to our freshly produced products is the last step in a long, fully documented and thorough process which means you can be assured that the meat you’ve purchased is of the highest quality, reared only on our Pasture for Life (PFL) accredited farm.


Each bar code is unique and identifies the individual animal from which the meat has come from.

Test it for yourself - scan the code from the photo and you’ll see it takes you to the PFL website and identifies animal 1805B46, one of our rare breed Lincoln Reds.

When we scan it, that unique number tells us more - everything about that animal, when it was born, who it’s parents are, where it was reared and whether (if) it has received any treatments or medical assistance. We’re an organic farm and don’t use ANY routine chemicals, antibiotics, supplements or other unnatural products so it’s vitally important for us to be able to track any specific requirements an animal has.

All our meats are slow grown - we don’t artificially ‘fatten up’ our animals so calves, lambs & piglets stay with their parents longer, they grow ONLY in our organic grass pastures, for longer. Our humble little bar code tracks all this activity, like an individual diary.

When the time comes to produce our high quality meats our bar code traces the journey to our local family run abattoir and the process which results in the fresh products you see on our market stalls.

You can therefore buy your fresh beef, pork & lamb from Grimblethorpe Hall Butchery safe in the knowledge that you are purchasing ONLY the very best, locally grown, pasture for life & slow grown meat as well as supporting a more sustainable and ethical farming process and enjoying the fantastic flavour & quality this delivers.

To find out more, visit our market stall at Louth market and speak to Stuart, our butcher, who will be delighted to explain more about our products. Market dates are shown on our Butchery page

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